Carmen’s Corner

I’ve always wanted to write a self-help column, similar to Dear Abby, called “Carmen’s Corner”. Being the listening ear or lending guidance has always been a  part of who I am. I find people fascinating. I genuinely love talking to people, learning about their lives and seeing the possibilities of “what could be”. This first love led to a degree in Sociology (the study of human nature and cultures) and, secondarily, Communications.

From there I worked in corporate management and healthcare related fields for over 15 years while keeping my other foot firmly in complementary medicine and energy work. I have practiced energy work and coaching for over 12 years.

This interesting mix of the conventional and holistic has given me is an intimate look into the day-to-day lives of average people and how their experiences might relate to the mystical or miraculous. Part of my calling has been to be a bridge between those two worlds. And that’s where I get to play.

I am beginning to see more of the magic of our world, where people create and work together in harmony, seep slowly into our structured corporate world and I am loving it. For now, I will continue to love, work and create with all of the tools that are available to me to assist others on their path.