The world, and we, are in the midst of the most profound change we’ve ever experienced. Our world is changing in ways that are unprecedented. What might be helpful, for the next few years, is to consider that everything one has ever known “may” be different that was perceived. If we can allow a space for anything and everything we know to be seen and felt from a different perspective then maybe it really is….all good. It’s not to say things are never challenging or hard or scary because they can be all of the above and….. just different.

What if I we allow for curiosity? I keep thinking of children. How much of their world is undefined and created as they go. It helps if they have a safe spot (a parents arms) to land at the end of the day. But I think we all really do have that, as well. I believe we are absolutely loved and held and cherished.

The world is changing before our eyes, in profound and miraculous ways and we are here to herald in those changes. If we can do this from a place of curiosity and love then that’s all we really need. The old is moving out and will most likely make a lot of noise and cause distractions. We can stay balanced and peaceful in the face of it but that will also be challenging at times. It will take some practice for us to remember the beauty of our souls and our strength. But I believe we will ultimately remember and rejoice in it.

Meanwhile we can continue to look at life through curious eyes, much like the eyes of children. We can choose to stop and breathe and hold one another when times are hard. And we can be exquisitely gentle with ourselves….we will need to be.

If you feel that I may be of assistance to you during these times then let me know.

I always love to hear about your current life experiences and thoughts and what you feel might be the most helpful for you, at this time. My focus is on soul coaching and helping each person find the intuitive guidance of their soul.

So please send me an email just to say hello, . During this transformative time for so very many of us I send out great love and deep gratitude for each one of you on this earth.

In Joy and Grace,