I am so excited to be offering adventures for finding greater joy, peace and intuition.

All of these are accessible to us but can get buried under life challenges, stress or fear. Whatever the question or challenge might be, allow me to help you find the answer that’s already inside of you work that I do with you involves following guidance for information and change from your intuition in a way that resonates with your deepest longing or desires.

Intuitive readings are offered for guidance when you have a question that you feel stuck on or are just feeling the need to connect with your own intuitive guidance.

Energy work helps facilitate change, growth, transformation and sometimes deeply needed grounding and comfort in the midst of great change.

Empowerment life coaching is perfect either for a single situation or for changing the direction of your life on a deeper level where we work together over a period of time.

I look forward to working with you,

With Great Love, Carmen.

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Welcome my beloved Peeps…….My website is currently “undergoing transformation”, much in the same way so many of us are. You will find some new information in the next few weeks. I look forward to talking with you, answering questions and having you join me for classes as we move into late summer and fall. Have a wonderful day where ever you are in the world.