Intuitive readings illuminate the possibilities available for creating what you wish to experience in your life, with a focus on where you heart and soul is leading you. Readings can center around a specific question, a specific liife change being considered or desire to explore, “What would I like to experience next”?

I utilize energy readings, clairsentience/clairvoyance, your guides and the spiritual realm to access your inner soul urges and guidance. Our souls speak to us in a soft voice that can be difficult to discern when we feel anxious or fearful. My readings will allow us to get to the heart of the matter, and to see more clearly the options available and guidance offered.

You can book a single session for soul coaching to go into greater depth for a reading which will provide space and time for questions, and energetic component/reading, cards pulled, and guidance offered.

** For those one a tighter budget or with a very specific “single” question you can check in with me to book a “Single question Intuitive Reading”. Those are 20 minutes and are focused and succinct.